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Theresa Raissidana - Owner

Theresa grew up in South Orange County, She has always been athletic and motivated to always make herself better, as well as challenging others to their full potential.

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  • Prices & Memberships

    4 Week Camp - Morning Sessions$249
    4 Week Camp - Evening Sessions$149
    Inside Track Membership - Mornings$149
    Inside Track Membership - Evenings$99
I've been working out with Theresa since January 2012. She is a fantastic instructor that is genuinely concerned about your overall fitness. She pays attention so you can do the exercises correctly and at the level that you are comfortable with. Her enthusiastic routines change every day so you never feel like you are in a rut and bored. The best part is that by getting your workout done so early in the morning you have all day to get all your other stuff done! This class has changed my life for the better. I have lost weight, gained toned muscle, and have so much more energy!
Gabby H. - Lake Forest